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Sone vs VIP

Don’t forget to vote Sone, we’re losing.

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countdown to tiffany’s birthday:

    ↳ D-7 - Tiffany’s Pink Obsession

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"The Best" album "Jessica wants to be Tiffany"


If you are to become another member, who is it? Why?

I… Tiffany? Tiffany is really.. she is always so bright. Very energetic, her energy is overflowing. I am the complete opposite. That’s why, I always see her like that for whole day, if I try being her, I think I will be so tired. But if your…

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[Helenshkim’s IG] 너무 예쁘고 착한 . Yes, let’s hang out soon and also in for sure! 옷예쁘게 입어요

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DANDYU THE BEST Album Interview:

Taeyeon: Sunny likes to bite. She likes to bite from behind.

Sunny: Why did you talk about my secret? I like biting.


Taeyeon: Sunny keeps on biting us. If she sees some bare shoulders she’ll bite them from the back

Sunny: Why would you talk about somebody else’s secret. I like biting. I bite on areas where it doesn’t hurt like elbows

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